Now that we are getting our freedom back, we can finally reveal our travel plans for this year. Here we go!

Some days in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata

Remember this? This time we are not going to restrict ourselves to just one day of exploring this huge area. And we will be better prepared! That way we can explore this nature park a lot better and write better posts about it as well.

Return to Denmark

The last time we were in the Viking’s fatherland is 5 years ago, so another visit has been long overdue. I am not sure what exactly we are going to visit, but I am very sure we are going to see those fellows above again!

A visit to the Camargue

This has been on my bucket list for many years now. This natural region is known for its wild horses, bulls and flamingos. These animals are the main reason I want to visit it, especially the famous grey-white horses.

A Day-trip to Tabernas

This town in the province of Almeria is known for its desert. A lot of spaghetti westerns and movies like Lawrence of Arabia were made here. We have been here before, but as you can see from the picture the weather circumstances were far from ideal. We also need to be closer to the desert and make sure we don’t get lost in the surrounding mountains again. And some neighboring towns and villages are worth a second look!

A long weekend in the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas

Another natural area – mostly in the province of Jaen – that needs a lot of research and exploring.

Nosing Around in the South of France

We are not quite sure yet how we will organize ourselves here.

And then there are numerous day-trips and excursions (Costa Tropical, picnic at some reservoirs, the Pico de Veleta, Guadix, Sierra de Baza) that we have in mind.

In short, it’s going to be an interesting year!


  1. Really relateble I just started my own travel blog and then covid hit and I could not travel anymore from my country. No travel planning for me at all 😦


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