A wise man once said “In these hot summers, the best place to be is in our air-conditioned car”. That wise man is the Viking, and he said it just before we left on this trip. This itinerary will bring you to some of the best locations in the provinces of Granada and Jaen. You will see magnificent landscapes and impressive architecture.

We started in Illora, a picturesque town known for its castle, built in the 10th and 11th century by the Moors and captured by the Catholic kings in 1486.

The castle is located on a huge hill in the center of the town. You can visit it, but you need a reservation. Check out www. turgranada.es/en for more information.

Via Tocon we then drove to the most picturesque town of Granada, Montefrio.

These 2 pictures don’t do it justice, but what about these?

This is worth another visit right

We then continued to Alcala la Real and Castillo de Locubin (each with its own castle, as well) and via road Ja6050, we found ourselves in the Sierra de Alta Coloma. Frailes and Ribera Baja are cozy villages where you can take a break.

Last but certainly not least, Moclin and its stunning castle, dating from the 13th century. Check http://www.turgranada.es/en for more info!

This car trip will keep you busy for a whole morning or afternoon, unless you want to visit one of the castles (in that case add an extra 2 hours).

And we made a video of the trip as well!

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