A little reminder of what my birthday looked like last year. Quite an odd birthday. In the beginning of this year, we had decided that this year things would be different and that my birthday would also be the beginning of our first post-COVID trip.

So, we waited patiently. But in the beginning of May, things didn’t look good. The perimeter around Iznalloz was closed again, but Lars promised me a surprise. The 9th of May came and that was the official end of the state of emergency. Rumors were flying around and the day afterwards – my birthday- we went to the ayuntamiento, where they confirmed that we could indeed travel again. We had been dreaming about this trip for quite some time. We booked the first hotel in a record time. Everything felt so surreal.

That evening, Lars revealed his surprise: a surprise dinner. Some years ago, when he announced that he was going to cook for my birthday, I jokingly said that I was craving lobster for the occasion and that’s exactly what I got. And he had done it again! He had remembered the joke ad had bought 2 huge lobsters!

Best birthday ever!

The day afterward, we were back on the road again! Next week I show you all the adventures we experienced!

What about you? Have you had the opportunity to travel again? If not, what will be the destination?

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