If you are not so much into history but are more of a nature lover, we’ve got you covered as well! You could spend a morning of afternoon (at least 3 hours) in the monastery and the cathedral and before or after you could drive around in the Sierra de la Demanda.(mountain range to the southeast of Burgos)

We started our tour at the Embalse de Uzquiza (near Villasur de Herreros) and then continued to Pineda de la Sierra, all the way to Monterrubio de la Demanda and then returned to our hotel via Huerta de Arriba (that will keep you busy for at least 2 hours).

I don’t know why, but I am really attracted by huge bodies of water:

The surroundings were so beautiful that we kept on following the BU 820. There is not so much traffic, so you may be tempted to drive a bit faster, but you will have to share the road with a lot of other creatures!

As you can see from the last picture, it rained that day. A lot.

If you have been following this website for some time, you must have noticed that the landscapes in this region (Castilla y Leon) are a lot greener than the ones in Andalusia.

The villages were very picturesque! No white houses, though.

If you can get enough of nature, then you really have to keep an eye on this website. In a couple of days, I will publish pictures of a stunning and unique landscape that has been used as a movie location.


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