Read Part 1 here.

La Isleta del Moro

Picturesque fishing village. If you do come in July or August, take into account that you will need to pay for parking your car.

Las Negras

Another cozy fishing village that can be overcrowded in summer is La Negras.

Agua Amarga

Picturesque and less crowded than the former two during summer. The beach restaurant is popular but not the cheapest option in this small fishing village. Enormous beach and very clear water. It’s a miracle that this place has not been discovered yet by more tourists.


Of the 4 destinations that I feature today, this is the biggest. 17 kilometers of pristine beaches and lots of seafood restaurants await you here.

What to choose?

If you are like us, and you don’t like crowded places, the first two destinations are best to be visited during spring and autumn. In summer, you better check out the other two.

In our next post, we have a look at “the best of the rest”! Better believe me, you don’t want to miss it!


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