Restaurante El Barquero

The official address is: Carrertera Cabo de Gata, 12.

During the low season, it could also be worth checking out bigger places like San José. In Los Albaricoques we could not find one single place to have dinner. This fish restaurant was the closest – and best! -option for us.

I know, paella is for lunch, but we couldn’t think of anything else as soon as we were in the restaurant. And it was delicious! A nice cold beer and this was the perfect dinner for us. Great service, fresh produce, very affordable prices, we highly recommend this place!

And some great canine company as well!

Movie location number 1

We have featured movie locations before on this website, but this is a very special one: a whole village! Indeed, Los Albaricoques served as the background for “For a Few Dollars More” by Sergio Morricone. In the movie, it is called Aguacaliente and is a Mexican village. Some of the streets bear the names of some stars. It is strange but exciting to see the Calle Lee Van Cleef or Sergio Leone.

Movie location number 2

On the road to Rodalquilar, have a look at the Cortijo del Fraile ( Farmhouse of the Friar)! This is a historical building and a movie location. According to the website of,

“The cortijo is an enclosure of buildings surrounded by a low white wall, typical of Andalucian estates, with a central patio, chapel with bell tower and crypt, outside ovens, and a well. 

It was built by Dominican Brothers from Almería in the 18th century, hence the name, and was also known as the Cortijo del Hornillo (Farmhouse of the Little Oven) as there was a bread oven in the central patio. In 1836, it was confiscated by the state (as part of a national expropriation of church properties) and following an auction sold to private family.”

Nowadays, the building is in a bad state, and you cannot enter the interior.

Movies that were made here:

  • For a Few Dollars More.
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
The Cortijo in better times
  • La Muerte Tenia un Precio
  • La Lengua Asesina.
  • Ace High.
  • A Bullet for the General.

Have a look at this video:

This is what the cortijo looks like nowadays:


If you like ruins, there are more of them between this Cortijo and Los Albaricoques, but we are not sure if they are related to movies.

Whenever Clint Eastwood returns here to make another movie, these 2 fellows above are ready for their take!

Cabo de Gata has something to offer for everyone, whether you are a beach bum, movie buff, nature lover, hiker, … We had a lot of fun!

On Wednesday, we are back with more new content!

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