There are dozens of villages in the Alpujarra; most of them are ignored by tourists, like Pitres. Yet, it’s a very charming small town.

A local black beauty was awaiting us at the bar.

She kept us company for a long time, although we hardly shared any food with her. Look at this moment of tenderness between her and the Viking:

The church dates from the 16th century, but had to be repaired twice, the last time was after the Civil War.

It takes about half an hour to explore the rest of this cute town.

There are a handful of hamlets that belong to Pitres, and we visited two of them: Mecina and Ferreirola.

Whereas Mecinas still has a couple of bars, you won’t even find that in Ferreirola and the church has seen better days. At least, the local folklore is colorful:

When you come from Lanjaron or Orgiva, you will see road signs toward the hamlets just before you arrive in Pitres.

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