Until now, I have given quite a negative description of ASD. Fortunately, Lars pointed out that I do have my strengths. When we plan a trip, we each have our own responsibilities. Lars always takes care of the lodgings and the budget, whereas I research the places and things to visit. When I research a destination, I’m usually in hyperfocus (intense concentration). When we drive, I usually have a keen eye for details, and that often helps us in finding interesting attractions. I also have strong memory skills. The combination of these skills (hyperfocus, eye for detail and memory) are my strongest traits, and I share them with lots of other aspies.

I’m not sure if you aware of this, but I also write articles for an American movie website (moviebabble.com) and there too the same traits, I have just mentioned, turn out to be very helpful. Independent thinking is another one: I don’t care what anyone else thinks about a movie that I am reviewing. I just make sure that I have enough arguments for my opinion.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

You will never hear me say that being on the spectrum is easy, but we aspies do have our strengths, we just have to be aware of them and know how to use them!


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