The first Border crossing

Another another drivethis day brought us to the province of ZaragoZA tO the townof Zuera. Upon arrival we started looking for a pension, one street further away we founda nice place where we had dinner. We kept things yummy and simple.

The Beginning

Ever since we came to Spain, our way of traveling changed. The main reason was that we wanted to explore our new home country, the pandemic was the other reason. 2022 looked like the year we could change all that ; we were going to make Europe our playground again. We took our time to … Continue reading “The Beginning”

Dinner in Paradise

So far we have had a very cold winter here in Spain. But fortunately, a couple of Sundays ago, temperatures started to rise again. We decided to celebrate this event and go to the Costa tropical. Our favorite place there is Calahonda, but it turned out that most restaurants were still closed. Instead, we went … Continue reading “Dinner in Paradise”

A weekend in Freiburg

When Lars and I still lived in Brussels, we sometimes jumped in our car on a Friday evening and drove abroad. Waking upon a Saturday morning in Freiburg im Breisgau is a real treat! We celebrated our arrival with a breakfast with some champagne. If it had been warmer we could have had breakfast outside! … Continue reading “A weekend in Freiburg”

Travel plans for 2022

A new year means new travel plans, and this year our plans are quite ambitious. Our motto this year is “Let’s Make Europe our PLAYGROUND Again”! Let’s have a closer look. We will still be exploring Spain as well ; in some weeks we will be visiting Seville, to be more precisely, the ;ocations in … Continue reading “Travel plans for 2022”

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