Snap of the Day – The Village

Still in lockdown, and the frustrating thing is that we don't know until when... Bars, restaurants, and non-essential stores are closed. And we still cannot leave our hometown. On top of it all, I have an inflammation of my shoulder and neck muscles. Quite painful, and I haven't been able to do any writing for …

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Snap of the Day – Sierra Magina

And... we are in (partial) lockdown... again. Until yesterday, we could drive around all Andalusia. From today on we can't leave our hometown. This lockdown will at least last a week and then the situation will be reviewed. Let's hope this nightmare ends soon! Yesterday, when we could still make an excursion, we went to …

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Snap of Lake Cubillas

Just before the lockdown started, we (partly) explored this artificial lake. We had passed it many times on the motorway when we moved from Chrurriana de la Vega to Iznalloz. I will publish more pictures as soon as we have photographed all sides of the lake.